Workforce Development Diploma Program (WDDP)

​*As of July 1, 2019, the Competency-Based (CB) Program is no longer offered
​WCSA has shifted to a new Workforce Development Diploma Program (WDDP) and
​Pre-High School Equivalency classes to support students looking to earn a diploma.
The Workforce Development Diploma is NOT a High School Equivalency.
It represents completion of the WCSA work skills preparation program.
Call one of our five campus offices to learn more about the individualized opportunities that best suit you.

What is the WDDP?

The WDDP provides an opportunity for adults to gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for employment and/or job training.  Students must complete two required modules in order to qualify for a diploma.
For specific course offerings, please see individual campus course schedules or call one of our offices for more information.

Where to Start:  CASAS Pre-Test Assessment

All new or returning students (after one year of absence) must take an assessment test prior to the start of the class.
Students must register online or in person.  Please bring the following items to the assessment test:
  • A valid picture ID with birth date (State ID, Driver's License, Passport, or Military ID)
  • Students age 16-17:  Approved release papers (Form 4140) from home high school
Module 1:  The Academic Section
This module focuses on reading and math for the workplace and professional skills (situational judgment, active listening, problem-solving, effective communication, and conflict resolution).  The goal of this module is for students to gain the foundational skills needed to be an effective employee.
​Students must complete the following two classes (in any sequence):
  • Workforce Development Reading
  • Workforce Development Situational Judgment and Active Listening

Students must also:
  • attend at least 75% of the total class sessions per class;
  • complete assigned tasks for each class;
  • complete a total of 120 hours of combined class time and computer-based learning; and
  • attain a minimum 5-point scale score gain or an Educational Functioning Level gain as measured on the CASAS/TABE pre- and post-tests.
Module 2:  Career Goals
This module is a continued application of work readiness skills which may involve on-the-job training and/or obtainment of the National Work Readiness Credential.  The goal of this module is for students to obtain practical application and employability skills (work ethic, leadership, positive attitude, teamwork, etc.).

Students must complete and provide documentation for one of the following choices.  The student must:
  • be employed or volunteer for a minimum of 100 hours within a two- to six-month period from the start of the program (hours must be with the same organization); or
  • complete the iCAN Program requirements; or
  • complete a minimum of one credit at an accredited post-secondary institution.

Course Fees

Enrollment Fee:  $20 per class
Books/Supplies:  Varies